In 2001 in Martin, the first private orthopaedic sanatiorium was founded in the Slovakia that is oriented for extra-standard services in the area of orthopaedics and sport traumatology.

In our sanatorium we apply the method of one-day surgery that is being customary used in countries with advanced health service. The patient is released in the operation day into home care.

Advantages of One-Day Surgery:

  1. Operation executions without necessary stay in hospital.
  2. Shortening of treatment period and of disability duration to work.
  3. The sick isn't disconnected from home environment.
  4. Risk decreasing of resient secondary affections.

Basic offer of Operational Outputs:

Accessories of Facility:

  1. The ambulance for primary overhaul of patient with orientation to the diagnostics and treatment of motional apparatus illnesses and other professional services, re-dresses, blocks, etc.
  2. The surgery section - the surgery with accessories and air conditioning with bacterial air filters. After-surgery room for monitoring of operated patient after anaesthesia. Anyone operated patients can be visited by their family members and friends.
  3. A Single room with accessory (air conditioning, phone, TV set, video).

If required, we provide the preoperational examination. It is possible to use various kinds of anaesthesia at the operation. We apply an advanced method of intravenous overall anaesthesia with using of new preparations. The by-effects as e.g. slackness, nausea, vomit are rare with using of this method. The anaesthetist executes after-surgery monitoring.

The guarded parking place is located within the orthopaedic centre.

Doctor's surgery hours:

Monday - Friday    8:00 - 17:00 hour.

Ordering of patients:

per phone of personally

If necessary, we are available for you out of office hours as well.


If you feel that you are worth of the best care, you can rely on us!